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Boost Engagement & Retention

Use data intelligence to understand which content, products and programs interest your members most. Then, perfect your marketing and communications to serve them what they want and need.

Select this Outcome to Accomplish These Goals:

Get More Attendees at Your Annual Events

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Decrease Member Churn/ Increase Member Renewals

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Personalize Offers and Communication 

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What's Included? Everything. 

All inclusive: strategy, tools and team to boost engagement and retention, starting at $2,400/month

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Hum Customer Data Platform

Unify your data into ‘golden’ customer records.

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Pre-Built Segments & Campaigns

To engage members and personalize every experience.

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Dedicated Digital Marketing Support

We bring your vision to life, with and for you.

Ready to Boost  Engagement & Retention?


Leave this 2 hour session with a tailored data strategy and go-forward plan for tackling your growth goals, regardless of your decision to move forward with Hum.


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