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Meet the first and only
Association Intelligence Platform 

The Hum Platform is...

​A new type of  CDP (Customer Data Platform) to ease digital transformation for associations, societies, and member organizations. 

Transform Your Organization

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  • What is the Hum platform?
    Welcome to Hum! Our customer data platform (CDP) collects, connects, and helps you act on your first-party data. Hum compiles and cleans data into a single, unified view of each member of your audience - be that a member, reader, subscriber, librarian, or other stakeholder. From there, Hum delivers key insights into the makeup, interests, and characteristics of your audience, and the content that is best engaging and motivating them to action. Transform relationships with customers, members, and readers by building segments for targeted messaging, launching personalization on-site and across marketing channels, and harness mission-critical insights to grow.
  • What integrations does Hum support?
    Hum supports integrations with all elements of your existing technology stack, including websites, content systems, learning systems, publishing platforms, member/customer management systems, and MarTech systems like email platforms, events systems, and more. See the list of integrated platforms. Don't see a connection that is critical to your tech stack? Reach out - we're constantly expanding our list of integrations.
  • How do I know if my organization is ready for Hum?
    We've worked hard to reduce complexity so that media organizations, publishers, and associations & societies of all sizes can quickly benefit from using the platform. Ideal Hum organizations have a desire to be nimble and entrepreneurial. They will know that their current methods of gathering member feedback (static surveys, post-event intelligence gathering, etc) don't cut it. Before onboarding Hum, an organization should show an active interest in improving the way their members, subscribers and partners digitally interact with their organization. They should know that personalized and digital-first is the association experience of the future, and they should want to invest in that future.
  • What does your sales process look like?
    We want to make learning about Hum easy and stress free. You will have the chance to walk through the Hum platform one-on-one with our team. If you like what you see, we'll set up a follow up meeting to review use cases and next steps specific to your organization.
  • How does pricing work?
    Hum’s platform fees are organized around the number of active users across all your systems. You’re charged for the total number of active users in a given month. “Active” implies activity on your properties. A visit to your site, opening an email, or reading your blog are examples of actions that indicate activity. Hum does store information on inactive profiles, but doesn’t charge you for them.


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