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Future-proof your Association

Know your members. Grow your audience.

Deliver the relevant, personalized experiences your members desire with help from Hum. Together, we make digital transformation possible - without digital disruption.

What is Hum?

Hum is a technology platform purpose-built to meet the needs of the modern association. It makes sophisticated content strategies simple to plan and execute - transforming your association into a nimble, digital-first organization almost overnight.

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Make data driven decisions

Hum makes intelligent insights easy to understand and act on. You’ll see what’s working and what’s not, and what to do about it.

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Delight your

By providing members with more personalized content and experiences, you’ll see engagement metrics soar. The more they engage, the more you learn about them. The more you learn, the better you can serve them. It’s a very happy circle.

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Reach a global audience

Membership only grows when more people know and care about you. Smarter content drives more people to your digital properties... and that means increased revenue and resilience for your organization.

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Integrate with

We’ll work with you, not against you. Already have tools you know and love? We get it. You don’t need to change them.

How it works

By understanding your members’ preferences and behaviors across all association touchpoints, Hum is able to make suggestions and take actions to nurture and grow membership and audiences. It’s simple to use, and integrates with your existing software tools to create one unified picture from all across the association - without disrupting business as usual.


Our Mission

At Hum, we believe that associations have an important role to play in helping professionals thrive, and we believe that WE have an important role to play in helping associations navigate the changing digital landscape. We know that “digital transformation” is often code for “painful upheaval followed by laborious re-learning of new tools” - but that’s not the game we play. We work hard to assume the complexity on our side to make things feel easy on yours. You’ll just feel us humming along in the background.


The result: an engaged and growing member base. A nimble, digital-first organization. A happy, empowered team. 

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