Digital Transformation without Disruption

Hum sits alongside your existing systems and platforms, making complex content strategy simple to execute. Adopt a data-driven audience strategy on your terms. Get our powerful platform and start up services, or opt for our full services offering.

Data-Powered, Human-Focused

By understanding preferences and behaviors across existing touchpoints, Hum makes suggestions to nurture members and grow larger audiences. Hum makes your organization more resilient with tools to help you attract and engage sponsors and create new digital revenue pathways. It’s simple to use and integrates with your existing software tools to create one unified picture across the association – without disrupting business as usual.

The Toolkit

We integrate with your existing platforms, and we make them better. Our data layer supercharges your systems, tracking every interaction and then delivering recommendations to help you be more efficient and effective.

No matter your tech stack, Hum makes it easy to act on data with at-a-glance audience insights and action plans.

Track and measure audience interactions across your association’s touchpoints.
Hum turns insights into executional ideas. Know exactly what changes to make and what to do next.

Data with Influence

Hum does more than package data. We uncover radical growth opportunities and help bring them to life inside your organization.

Understand which topics are engaging with each audience to develop better content pipelines.
Easy-to-implement ideas for monetizing content, paid sponsorships and more, all rooted in real member behavior.
Tailor member and audience experiences based on behaviors and preferences.

Humming Alongside you Every Step of the Way

Hum is much more than software. We’re here to help every step of the way, from team training to turnkey revenue generation. When we say “digital transformation made easy,” we mean it.

Start Humming

Ready to kickstart digital transformation at your association?

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