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Act on Your Data

Hum analyzes digital behavior across your organization so you can engage audiences like never before. No data scientists required – Hum isn’t your typical CDP. Purpose-built for associations, we make your data easy to understand, and even easier to make actionable.

The Toolkit

The Hum platform sits alongside your website, AMS, LMS, MarTech and other platforms. Hum tracks engagement across systems and identifies areas of growth. A dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of how audiences and content are performing. A suite of in-dashboard tools help you act on your insights. 

Realtime Learning

Get a clear view of how individuals and groups interact with your digital content. Learn which experiences are working, and what to try next. Hum analytics are always easy to interpret - no data scientists required.

Target Audience


Dive deep into individual and group behaviors. Explore key segments and create new ones. Uncover drivers and interests for target groups. Mobilize segments across integrated platforms like CMS or email marketing.

Personalize Every Experience

Use personalization widgets to display custom content for each individual. Tailor your website with a “recommended for you” section. Mobilize existing audiences and grow new ones by pulling recommended content into personalized emails, retargeting and engagement campaigns. 

Create Compelling Content

Content intelligence finds topics and formats that resonate with audiences. Cross reference content and audience insights to create targeted articles, webinars, learning sessions and more. Dig beneath the surface - Hum tells you more than what’s working and what isn’t. Identify exact moments when readers leave and get ideas for improving engagement.


Clever Platform,

Powerful Outcomes

Hum helps member organizations thrive. Association Intelligence provides the roadmap to increased reach, revenue, and resilience in digital environments.  


Strengthened Revenue

 Via classic and new sources


Real-Time Pivots

Use data to guide strategy in real time


Happier Members

Improved engagement and retention


Audience Growth

Reach + engagement with new audiences


Data-Driven Planning

Future proof your organization with data


Smarter Content

Led by a data-driven content strategy


Hum connects to all your existing systems.  We launch new integrations every week . Don't see your systems here? We'll create custom integrations for you. 

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Hum connects to all your existing systems.  We continuously add integrations. Have a request? Just ask!

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