Hum Platform & Features

Hum's Customer Data Platform helps forward-thinking, content-rich organizations unify and act on their first-party data.

How Hum Unifies Your Data


Connect Your
Data Sources

Seamlessly integrate the platforms and tools you're already using. Hum collects data from known and unknown visitors.


Achieve a

Golden Record

Hum's CDP dynamically tracks interactions across touch-points to create a unified profile for every individual in your ecosystem.


Mobilize Your Data

Use Hum to segment your audience, discover new ones, personalize the audience journey, and act on powerful insights.

Your Toolkit

Hum works to unlock insights hidden in your first-party data. Hum is a best-in-class CDP platform with a simple to use interface and a powerful suite of tools to help you act on those insights.

Audience Intelligence

Hum's Audience Explorer tool helps you dive into key audience segments, discover new ones, & see how your audience is interacting with digital content. 

  • View individual and group interactions across digital channels

  • Create custom audience segments by demographic, behavior, topic, etc

  • Target lookalike audiences 

Content Intelligence

Dig into which topics and types of content resonate with your key audiences. 

  • Tags and Natural Language Processing help you understand which topics, sessions + articles are most engaging 

  • See which content is driving success - so you know what to create next 

  • Get deep insights about when users stop engaging with content, and why

Activate Your Data

Don't just collect data. Use it!

Hum makes it easy to mobilize your audiences and activate marketing.

  • Plan and track multi-channel communications campaigns with our Link Builder tool

  • Launch personalization widgets to display custom content on your site

  • Sync segments to marketing platforms so you can dispatch personalized emails, retargeting, and engagement campaigns

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Connect your customer data to all the tools your team uses to drive growth. The Hum platform plays nice with all your existing systems. 

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