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Unlock Data + AI 

Hum is a best-in-class AI and data intelligence platform with a simple-to-use interface and a powerful suite of tools to help you act. 


Get a 360-Degree of Every Reader, Author, or Member of Your Audience

  • Identify your audience members 

  • Connect data silos 

  • Achieve a single customer view

  • Collect & protect first-party data

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Build Detailed
Audience Segments

  • Intuitively build segments 

  • Launch segments in your marketing tools 

  • Tap into audience intelligence


Deliver Personalized Content & Audience-First Digital Experiences

  • Personalize your marketing campaigns

  • Recommend the right content

  • Trigger automations on engagement

  • Personalize ads and increase ad yield

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Fuel Data-Backed Decision-Making with Real Insights, in Real-Time

  • Access real insights in

  • Optimize marketing spend

  • Improve existing content

  • Fuel smart decision-making


Connect your customer data to all the tools your team uses to drive growth. Hum plays nice with all your existing systems. 

Let's Get Started...

See the Hum Platform in Action
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