Digital Transformation without Disruption

The Hum platform unifies your systems, tracks omnichannel interactions and creates dynamic, unified profiles. No data scientists required – Hum isn’t your typical CDP. Purpose-built for associations, we make audience intelligence easy to understand, and even easier to make actionable.

The Toolkit

The Hum platform sits alongside your AMS, LMS, CMS and other systems. Our data layer unifies and supercharges your systems, tracking every interaction then delivering recommendations to improve effectiveness and efficiency.

Hum’s data overlay listens across systems and reports on key events. Eliminate data silos and get a unified look at interactions across the entire organization.
Get a 360° view of individual interactions across association touchpoints. Understand individual behavior in the context of all interactions over time.
Automatically group profiles based on behavior and motivations. Use existing profile insights to discover new audiences ripe with potential.

Data with Influence

Traditional CDPs spit metrics without interpretation. That’s not how Hum operates. We unpack audience insights to uncover new opportunities and drive digital growth. Our helpful reports are simple yet actionable so you always know what move to make next.

Understand which topics are resonating to refine content strategy.

Discover new opportunities to engage sponsors.

Uncover new audience segments to expand reach.

Uncover new digital programs to drive engagement and revenue.

Create personalized member experiences.

Create segmented, dynamic funnels to mobilize audiences improve outcomes.

Launch targeted content programs.

Become experimental: test and pivot organizational strategies in real time.

Humming Alongside you Every Step of the Way

Hum is much more than software. We’re here to help every step of the way, from team training to turnkey revenue generation. When we say “digital transformation made easy,” we mean it.


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