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Transform data into
insights, recommendations, and actions.

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✔️ Good Data Feeds Good AI

As Hum collects and connects your data, Alchemist translates content, people & behaviors into a language AI can understand and extract meaning from.

✔️ Mission-Critical Insights

Alchemist understands the nuances of your content, communities & business model - learning  from group behaviors and using that intelligence to predict the future. 🔮

Yeah. It's kind of like magic.


A Suite of AI Tools 

Alchemist extracts patterns and predictions from your centralized data using a suite of Large Language Models (LLMs), deep neural nets, and clever algorithms.

Alchemist Taxonomy & Tagging Engine
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Alchemist uses natural language processing (NLP) to read & understand your full content corpus, automatically and consistently applying taxonomy.

Apply third party taxonomies (e.g. IAB, OpenAlex, MeSH), in-house taxonomies, or custom vocabularies.

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Explore the topics that each member of your audience finds most engaging, scored on each reader's profile by how intense their interest is. 

Personalize marketing messages, ads, and content recommendations based on the specific interests of each reader.

Deep Search
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Find the right audience for each piece of content.


Paste a webinar description or article summary into Hum's Audience Explorer and Alchemist will generate a segment of readers whose interests match.

Embeddings as a Service
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Powered by Lodestone-v2, and fine-tuned on a customer’s own content, this service turns content into an AI-native storage format (embeddings) to be used anywhere in a publisher’s stack. This helps with AI apps, as well as improving search, retrieval, and recommendations.

Essential for any conversational search applications.

Generative AI Workbench
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Cost-effective, trustworthy “tools” like summarization (expert, 9th grade), hypothesis generation, short pitches derived from running generative LLMs on individual pieces of content. Each tool is validated for effectiveness by Hum’s data science team. Key focus is on synthetic media to improve customer data, enable better audience engagement, and create new customer experiences.


Breakthrough Data Intelligence - Powered by AI

Hum and Alchemist give you an unparalleled depth of understanding of your audience and content - transforming your ability to:

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Uncover new topics for special collections, journals, or products

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Segment readers based on intensity of topical interests

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Predict future audience behavior

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Understand each reader's interests in infinite depth


Present the most relevant ads to readers

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Curate content recommendations for each reader

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Communicate in
real-time with personalized messages


Recruit authors, reviewers, or new members

By marrying [AI] content tags with our audience data, we’ve been able to make dozens of novel contextual audiences available to our ad sales team and advertisers."


Paul Likins

VP Revenue Operations

Transform your Data.

Connect with a data expert to learn more.
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