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Why Hum?

You've Got Data.
But Do You Get Your Data?

At Hum, we believe AI and data are key to creating next-generation solutions for publishers, associations, media companies, and other content-driven organizations. As the shift to digital transforms how audiences consume and engage with content, Hum helps cut through the noise to deliver tailored experiences that serve your mission.

Hum goes beyond surface-level analytics to deeply understand both your content and audience at an individual level. We structure data insights around people, not anonymous traffic metrics, to inform highly personalized experiences.

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Our People

There's a lot to love about our remote-first team that spans 9 time zones.

We're made up of coffee aficionados, outdoors enthusiasts, travel junkies, plant people, bookworms, human-and-fur parents, and more. 

We're united by our kindness, curiosity, and passion for building things from scratch.  



Our Roots

Hum was founded in 2020 by experts in publishing, technology, and digital marketing, who saw an opportunity to develop a customer data platform designed specifically for "content-rich" companies navigating major industry changes.

What began as a side project with Silverchair soon became Hum, the leading data platform for
content-driven organizations. 


In 2023, we introduced Alchemist - an AI engine by Hum; empowering publishers and associations to leverage first-party data and AI-backed insights.


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Our Mission

Your mission is to serve your audience. And your mission drives ours.


Your audience is constantly inundated with content and information online. Capturing their attention is no longer as easy as creating great content and hoping they find it. They're distracted. By social media networking. By professional biases. By more digital content than they could possibly ever consume.


Hum uses data to help content-driven organizations connect readers with the exact content and digital experiences they want and need. 


We turn a cacophony of internet noise into one cohesive Hum.

Hum Misson
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