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The Bright Future 
of AI

An Optimist's Guide to
AI + Publishing

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2024 Publishing Tech Trends Report

How will publishers adapt to and adopt new tech in 2024?

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Turn Your Disparate Data
Solid Gold

A (nearly) complete guide to data for scholarly publishers

Beyond Generative AI: The Role of BERT in Scholarly Publishing

As seen in the Scholarly Kitchen...

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Can You Know Your Customer If You Only See Them 1 Silo At A Time?

As seen in the Scholarly Kitchen...

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Was ChatGPT Set Up to Fail? Choosing the Right Tools and Prompts...

As seen in the Scholarly Kitchen...


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ChronosHub Webinar:
AI for a Better
User Experience

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AI in Peer Review | Webinar

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Platform Strategies:
From Digital to Data | Panel

See where Hum will be next and explore
more recordings from past events.

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