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The Bright Future 
of AI

Coming soon - An Optimist's Guide to AI for Publishing

Turn Your Disparate Data
Solid Gold

A (nearly) complete guide to data for scholarly publishers

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The State of Personalization for

Everything publishers need to know about the changing digital landscape and shifting reader expectations.

The State of Personalization for Associations

Everything association leaders need to know about the changing digital landscape and shifting member expectations.

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Publishing Tech Trends

Publishing industry leaders weigh in on the data, trends, & predict how the industry will adapt in 2023.

Mileage Cover
Get More Mileage Out Of Your Content

A scholarly publisher's guide to delivering more value from content.

Turn Member Data into Value: The CDP Guide

Explore strategic solutions for incorporating data-driven growth methods into your operations.

Steve Lieber, on Audience Strategy

Steve Lieber shares lessons in growth & strategy from growing HIMSS from 30k members to an engaged membership and audience of 2M+.

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