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AI-Powered Taxonomy & Content Tagging

Unlock your content's
full potential.

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Humans don't tag content consistently and accurately. AI can do it better.


Surface up to 50x more related content compared to traditional tagging methods.

Why AI-Powered Tagging Matters

Consistently tagged content using deep, client-specific taxonomies
drives superior outcomes in:


Audience segmentation


Content recommendations

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Advertising & sponsorship


Lead generation


Content strategy development

Alchemist Taxonomy & Tagging Engine

Hum's AI-powered solution reads, analyzes, and understands your content using advanced natural language processing.

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1. Create a bespoke taxonomy

Alchemist ingests a publisher’s full content corpus, and creates a full two-level taxonomy using generative AI. All on its own.

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2. Tag content - accurately and consistently

Alchemist takes your custom taxonomy, plus any additional ones it was trained on, and applies that to the content backfile, and any new content - automatically.

Named Entity Recognition

Alchemist recognizes over 1000 named entities; from professional sports team, to politicians, to cities.

Generative QA Agent

Each article and initial keyword set is given to an AI editor. Maximize coverage and accuracy (90%+)

3rd Party Standards

Alchemist plays nice with IAB, IPTC, and well-established in-house/
third-party taxonomies. 

Alchemist in Action

By marrying [AI] content tags with our audience data, we’ve been able to make dozens of novel contextual audiences available to our ad sales team and advertisers."


Paul Likins

VP Revenue Operations

Ready to Transform
Your Taxonomy?

Discover how intelligent AI-based tagging can make your content more discoverable and valuable.
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