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Unlock the deepest intelligence as your audience engages with your content.

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Hum learns from every interaction between your audience and your content, giving you greater depth of understanding of their behaviors and preferences and enabling you to better understand your most important audience segments, discover new ones, and deliver targeted messaging that drives results.

Understand every audience member

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Build a superior data foundation

By deeply understanding what every piece of content is about and how readers engage with it, Hum generates significant intelligence about each audience member’s interests and intent.

Recognize your

Hum manages and resolves user identities across channels and devices by matching records based on first-party identity signals, IP addresses, and other “identifying events,” such as form fills, event registrations, or purchases.

Harness affinity

Hum uses Alchemist AI technology to understand which topics are most engaging to audience members. Score interests based on historic and real-time behavior and view top affinities on each reader’s profile.

Connect with more readers

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Intuitively build

Build highly specific audience segments in Hum’s Audience Explorer using behavioral, topical & demographic filters. See segment size calculated in real-time to understand potential impact of campaigns and adjust criteria to hone in on your target audience.

Discover new

Uncover high-quality lookalike audiences based on your best readers, members, authors, or customers. Use Profile Search powered by Alchemist to generate segments of readers who are likely to engage with a piece of content based on its description.

Uncover deeper
audience insights

Analyze key segments to stay ahead of behaviors and deliver success. Learn from audience members in segments you want to grow, see what content is engaging top prospects, and protect revenue by identifying patterns of disengaged readers or at-risk members.

Engage readers strategically

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Activate segments that work where you do

Hum segments sync directly with your email marketing platform, ad servers, and social networks. These segments are dynamic, meaning you can activate the most up-to-date audience at any given time.

Personalize ads and campaigns

Personalize in real-time based on each reader’s likes, preferences, and behavior. Launch messaging to specific audiences, or connect sponsors and advertisers with the highly targeted, engaged audiences they most want to reach.


Launch on-site widgets to spotlight the next “must-read” on a 1:1 basis. Hum learns from the behavior of individual readers and automatically generates recommendations based on unique interests. 

See Hum in Action

Connect with a data expert to see how Hum can unlock deeper audience intelligence.
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