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Unlock your Audience's Potential

Embrace the Future of B2B Media
with Data + AI



The media landscape is changing at breakneck speed. Your audience has more content than ever to choose from – and more distractions. 

Hum helps leading B2B media organizations stand out from digital clutter by harnessing AI and deep data intelligence to deliver superior experiences and build lasting relationships with their readers.

Grow + Develop Your Audience

Optimize your strategy with data-driven insights to boost growth, engagement, and revenue streams.


Transform anonymous audiences into known users

Understand exactly who's reading and what they're looking for. Activate personalized touchpoints that help you identify and grow your readership.

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Maximize audience monetization

Build targeted segments of audiences your advertisers most want to reach and tailor ad engagement strategies across your digital properties.

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Elevate engagement & content performance

Predict what readers want next based on topic interest and past engagement. Deliver customized messages and content recommendations to each reader. 

Intelligence Powered by AI

Act on intelligence at the cross-section of content data, topical insights, and audience behavioral signals.

The Alchemist AI engine helps media organizations fully understand their audience and content in a way that other CDPs can't. Identify content consumption patterns, uncover trending topical interests, and unlock powerful predictive analytics to forecast audience needs and interests. 

You're in Good Company

Explore how media organizations are using Hum to transform customer data into real results.

Since our programs are powered by data, we are able to report back on metrics like read rate, total engagement, and click throughs to sponsor sites. [This] has driven immense value, both for the sponsors, and for our reader and subscriber communities."


Joe Haddock

Chief Digital Officer

See Hum in Action

Connect with a data expert to see how Hum can level up your growth.
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