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Build Powerful Audience Segments

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Reach the right audience, with the right message,
at the right time

Hum gives content-driven organizations the tools to understand your most important audience segments, discover new ones, and deliver targeted messaging that drives results. 

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SSP used connected data to share new resources with the right segments.

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Intuitively Build

Build highly specific audience segments using behavioral, topical and demographic filters.

See segment size calculated in real-time to understand the potential impact of the campaign and adjust selection criteria to hone in on your targeted audience. 

Segments that Work
Where You Do

Hum segments sync directly with your email marketing platform, ad servers, and social networks. These segments are dynamic, meaning you can activate the most up-to-date audience at any given time. 

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Tap into
Audience Intelligence

Analyze key audience segments to stay ahead of behaviors and deliver success.

Learn from audience members in segments you want to grow, see what content is engaging your top prospects, and protect revenue by identifying patterns of at-risk members or subscribers. 


Put Your Data to Work

Publishers, media organizations, and associations are using smart segmentation to: 

+ Build relationships with authors and reviewers

+ Identify leads based on behavioral data 


+ Understand what content resonates with key audiences

Ready to See Hum in Action?

Connect with a data expert to see how Hum can level up your growth.
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