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The future is data-driven. Scholarly publishers, associations and societies, and  media organizations are increasingly looking to leverage their data to solve complex business challenges.


Hum often partners with consultants that work with these clients, offering guidance when selecting a CDP or data partner, advancing data literacy, and implementing strategies to better understand and act on the intelligence their data is surfacing. 

Learn more about how CDPs like Hum enable data-driven transformation for content-driven organizations, or check out our library of resources to help you and your clients do more with data. 

New to customer data platforms? Start by watching this quick video summary of what a CDP like Hum can do. 

Do More With Your Data

Why is a customer data platform (CDP) like Hum essential for publishers, media orgs, and associations?

 Accelerate results
When data is centralized in one place, you have a complete view of the customer and can quickly gain insights to guide strategy. 
and positively impact engagement, retention, and growth. 

 Expand capabilities

Tap into enterprise-level CDP functionality like predictive modeling, journey orchestration, experimentation and more. Hum makes it possible to launch more effective, personalized marketing at scale. 

 Streamline processes
Eliminate wasted effort from fragmented, ineffective data use and manual tasks. Focus your time and resources on high-value initiatives with the most potential business impact. 

 Ensure Future Readiness

Keep pace with innovations in data use, AI, & customer experience. A CDP like Hum provides a flexible, scalable foundation for continued optimization and advancement to meet clients' evolving needs.

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