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Do you work with professional associations and non-profit organizations on digital transformation, content strategy, business intelligence, member engagement, new revenue models, or marketing strategy?


If so, Hum can play a key role in rapidly turning your recommendations into reality. Use the resources on this page to quickly determine if Hum's CDP will be a good fit for your clients. 

What is Hum?

Start by watching this quick video summary of the Hum Customer Data Platform (CDP). 

Or, if you prefer reading to watching, check out this blog post overview

Hum directly supports these digital transformation goals:

  • Integrating existing systems for true 360-degree audience intelligence 

  • Dramatically improving audience segmentation

  • Personalizing member/audience experiences across all digital platforms, whether the audience member is identified or not

  • Providing deep intelligence about content use and engagement

  • Increasing marketing/email effectiveness

  • Expanding sponsor offerings / creating new revenue lines

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about CDPs & Data-Powered Growth

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Let's Hum - Your Way

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John Challice
SVP, Business Development

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