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What is Hum?

Do you work with professional associations and non-profit organizations on digital transformation, content strategy, business intelligence, member engagement, new revenue models, or marketing strategy?


Hum can play a key role in rapidly turning your recommendations into reality. 

Use the resources on this page to quickly determine if Hum will be a good fit for your clients. 

Start by watching this quick video summary of the Hum platform.

Hum directly supports these digital transformation goals:

  • Integrating Existing Systems for 360-Degree Audience Intelligence / Segmentation

  • Personalizing Member/Audience Digital Experiences

  • Assessing and Improving Content Use and Engagement

  • Increasing Marketing/Email Effectiveness

  • Expanding Sponsor Offerings / Creating New Revenue Lines

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Why would my clients be interested in Hum?

Understanding members and audience with the Hum level of nuance is more important than ever before. There are countless professional development alternatives available online. If associations want to win the attention of up-and-coming members, they will have to prove that they can provide a better experience. Associations already have better content than these alternatives. What they lack is the coordinated experiences and personalized interactions that younger generations expect. Hum helps associations gain the intelligence to develop a custom approach to content and delivery. Hum uses data to help associations pivot in real time. Hum will start by unifying all of your clients' existing systems (website, AMS, LMS, MarTech, etc) to give them one unified view of interactions across all digital properties. For many associations, this unification is huge. But Hum does more than package data - we pull out insights to help associations act on their newfound intelligence. Hum uncovers opportunities to pivot in real-time, based on the way members behave on their digital properties. Hum helps associations mobilize audiences, engage members and grow revenue.

What does your sales process look like?

We want to make learning about Hum easy and stress free. Your client will have the chance to walk through the Hum platform one-on-one with our Chief Growth Officer. If they like what they see, we set up a follow up meeting to review use cases and next steps specific to your client's organization.

What is the Hum platform?

Hum is a unified customer and content intelligence platform designed specifically with professional associations in mind. The Hum platform integrates behind-the-scenes to collect data from across association systems – CMS, LMS, CRM/AMS, MarTech, and more. Hum compiles and cleans that data into a single, unified view of an association’s audience and content. From there, Hum delivers key insights into the makeup, interests, and characteristics of an association’s audience, and the content that is best engaging and motivating them to action. Forming a virtuous circle, Hum’s insights are returned to existing association systems in the form of on-site content personalization and recommendations as well as feeding sophisticated segments into targeted marketing/call-to-action campaigns. There is a team of real Hum-ans behind Hum who are here to help every step of the way. We provide initial training and integration services, as well as actively help association staff use Hum on an ongoing basis to achieve their goals.

How do I know if my client is ready for Hum?

We've worked hard to reduce complexity so that association marketing teams, membership, executives, and content teams can quickly benefit from using the platform. However, not every association is ready for the data-driven engagement strategy that Hum enables. We don't want to be another piece of technology that goes unused. Ideal Hum organizations have a desire to be nimble and entrepreneurial. They will know that their current methods of gathering member feedback (static surveys, post-event intelligence gathering, etc) don't cut it. Before onboarding Hum, an organization should show an active interest in improving the way their members, subscribers and partners digitally interact with their organization. They should know that personalized and digital-first is the association experience of the future, and they should want to invest in that future.

What type of staffing does Hum require?

We've worked hard to reduce complexity so that any association staffer can use the platform. But some departments are better suited than others to run an organization's intelligence. Based on our experience, here are a few positions that are well-suited to run Hum: Director of Marketing / Marketing Manager: The marketing department is often the primary operator of Hum because many of the activation activities that Hum orchestrates will be led by marketing. Hum includes campaign and commerce modules that help marketers mobilize audiences across their MarTech stack, and track the success of these campaigns. In terms of consistent, daily use of the tool, marketers are likely to be the most frequent users. Director of Communications / Education: The news, publishing, and education departments are also ideal Hum operators. Hum's content module will help the teams continuously improve content. From topic refinement, to gaining a better understanding of how audiences interact with content artifacts, to improving the way content is distributed across channels, the content teams will find wonderful uses for the Hum platform. Director of Membership/ Community Manager: Hum's audience module shares critical member, audience, and partner intelligence that will transform the way the membership team communicates with current members and prospects.

Does Hum have an affiliate program?

Hum is new and we are still developing the way we work with partners. We do plan to launch a partnership program for consultants, but it's still in the conception phase. If you think Hum would be a good fit for multiple clients, please reach out – we’d love to co-create this program with your input. No one knows how consultants work with association clients better than you!

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