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Get a 360°
View of your Audience

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Create a single source of customer truth

Every time someone interacts with your content, they're handing you first-party data. That tells you everything you need to know to win their attention & keep them as an audience member. 

Hum collects and connects first-party data from across your digital systems, creating a "golden record" – a current, complete, 360-degree view of every single member in your audience. 


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SSP used reader data to connect profiles and unlock reader insights

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Identify Your
Audience Members

Hum manages and resolves user identities across channels and devices by matching records based on first-party identity signals, IP addresses, and other “identifying events,” such as form fills, event registrations, or purchases. 

Smash Your
Data Silos

Centralize where data lives, how it's accessed, and make it actionable across all of your systems.


Hum integrates with all the digital tools you already rely on; interprets, standardizes, and securely stores your data; and pushes intelligence back to connected systems so you can act on those insights in real-time. 

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Achieve a
Single Customer View 

Every Hum profile contains a complete snapshot of an audience member’s historical and real-time engagement activity.


See a complete record of when, where, and how each individual is engaging with your content and programs, & dive into the topics and content types that resonate with them.

Collect & Protect
First-Party Data

Protect PII and comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations. Hum is SOC 2 compliant, and committed to upholding best-in-class security standards. 

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Connect Your First-Party Data Sources

Hum plays nice with many of the digital platforms you already rely on, and we're continuously adding new ones. Have a request? Just ask!

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Ready to See Hum in Action?

Connect with a data expert to see how Hum can level up your growth.
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