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Big digital challenges? Consider them handled. Explore step-by-step Hum solutions to your biggest problems.

Top Use Cases for Associations

Forward-thinking associations rely on Hum's AI and data intelligence platform to solve their biggest challenges.

Explore top use cases for associations: 

Assoc Revenue


Find New
Revenue Lines

Uncover intelligence to inform new products, monetize audiences, and engage sponsors like never before.
Hum makes it easy to see standout content so you can identify opportunities to build effective revenue-generating programs. 

✓ Identify revenue opportunities based on high-performing content series
✓ Explore the topics and content pieces that resonate with your most valuable member audiences
✓ Share detailed engagement data and ROI with partners & sponsors

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Improve Engagement with Existing Content

Make your content go further. Hum shows you which topics and formats are most popular and engaging for various segments across your digital content. Use this data to repurpose high-performing content and apply learning to turn good content into great content!

✓ See engagement scores for each piece of content & for entire categories of content
✓ Identify and learn from top-performing content for your most critical member segments
✓ Tag content using natural language processing (NLP) to understand the topics and themes across all your digital content

Assoc Engagement


Increase Sponsor

Use data to power smarter sponsor offers that boost member engagement. Hum allows you to segment the people your sponsors want to reach most, and helps you understand how well sponsored programs will perform based on historical data.

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Screen Shot 2022-03-08 at 10.44.34 AM.png

✓ Build segments that sponsors want to reach, based on unified behavioral and demographic data
✓ Package engagement, drop-off and read rates, and other key insights for sponsored content
✓ Sync Hum segments directly with marketing platforms to deliver sponsored program messaging to targeted audiences

Assoc Sponsors
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Grow Your Association Membership

Understand what drives new member behavior. Hum’s CDP reveals deep behavioral insights about your most engaged members and potential members - and makes it simple to activate data to find & recruit new ones.

✓ Build hyper-targeted segments for member audiences you’d like to grow (international, executives, millennials, etc.) 
✓ Continuously update first-party data records based on user behavior
✓ Activate effective marketing to transform unknown audience members into members

Assoc Grow
Assoc Event


Optimize Association
Event Programming

Get inspiration for improving event programming from many data sources across the organization. Access real-time engagement data from your LMS, website, & event management software to uncover topics that are relevant and engaging, and increase member attendance with personalized, targeted marketing. 

✓ Harness data that helps you develop conference or event sessions around audience preferences
✓ Capture member behavior history and trigger marketing automation based on real-time engagement
✓ Recognize & recommend relevant content for readers based on their interests and internal look-alike audiences

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Modernize Aging

Become a data-driven organization without a technology overhaul. Keep the AMS, LMS, websites, MarTech and event platforms your teams know and love — Hum connects them all so you can view your data in one place and send it back out to your systems to supercharge your marketing efforts. 

✓ Extract first-party data from your technology systems 
✓ Design and monitor marketing campaigns using Hum’s Campaign tools
✓ Sync Hum segments with your marketing systems to deploy personalized messaging to targeted audiences

Assoc Modernize


Launch Custom Marketing

Create targeted, data-driven marketing for every interest group. Access segments directly within your marketing platforms, and launch personalized messaging to enhance new member acquisition, engage members with new content or events, and deliver an experience that aids retention. 

✓ Sync segments in real-time to email platforms, ad servers & social networks
✓ Deliver curated content recommendation on-site and through events, education, and email
✓ Design custom marketing funnels and trigger automated nurturing, retargeting, and 1:1 messaging


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Assoc Marketing
Assoc Silos


Connect Siloed Teams

Creating a seamless member experience requires your systems and your team to stay connected. Hum connects data from every system in your technology stack and unifies it in one hub of intelligence, so important information never gets trapped or lost.

✓ Collect first-party data from customer data silos into actionable customer profiles
✓ Continuously update user profiles as your audience engages with you over time & across channels
✓ Leverage publishing data & content intelligence across the organization


Ready to See Hum in Action?

Connect with an Association data expert to see how Hum can level up your growth.
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