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Hum is the Only CDP Built for Content-Rich Organizations

Gain the deepest understanding of every reader in your audience, every piece of content, and every organization you interact with.


The best experiences depend on complete, unified data.

Hum is a next-generation CDP with frontier AI capabilities to align deep customer insights with topical and contextual content knowledge. Maximize the data and intelligence gathered as each individual interacts with your content, and deliver personalized experiences and content strategies that drive sustainable growth.

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Transform Your Data

Find hidden audience connections and unlock intelligent predictions. 
Alchemist, Hum’s AI engine, powers unique CDP functionality:

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Predictive interests

Score reader interests based
on historic and real-time

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Profile search

Describe a piece of content and generate a segment of readers likely to be interested.

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Content recommendations

Shape user journeys with
1:1recommendations for
what to read next.

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Connect Your Data

How does it work?
1. Hum ingests and understands your content
2. Hum collects new audience behavioral data 
3. Hum connects existing data 


Bring first-party data together from across your digital systems to create a "golden record" – a current, complete, 360-degree view of every single member in your audience. 

Get Value from Your Data

Audience Intelligence

Unlock the tools to understand and engage your readers, and attract new ones. Reimagine how you segment audiences, analyze insights, and craft personalized customer journeys.​

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Content Intelligence

Maximize content strategy with intelligence that shows how content is performing with key audiences in real-time. Illuminate top articles, over-saturated topics, & under-marketed content.


Leverage intelligence to better serve your audience's evolving needs & provide sales with critical insights to pursue high-value accounts.​

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Optimal Campaigns

Turn insights into action. Precisely target and activate the right audiences, deploy omnichannel engagement campaigns that resonate, and deliver personalized content recommendations.

Integrate Your Data

No more silos! Hum integrates with the tools you
already rely on in your tech stack.

Hubspot integration for publishers
CDP Silverchair integration
PowerBI integration for publishers
Marketo integration for publishers
Salesforce integration for publishers
Wordpress integration for scholarly publishers
Drupal integration for publishers
google ad manager integration for publishers
Mailchimp integration for publishers

Protect Your Data

Protect PII and comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations.

Hum is SOC 2 compliant, and committed to upholding best-in-class security standards. 

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Want to See
Hum in Action?

Let us show you what your data can do! 
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