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Maximize Campaign Results

Get the right message
in front of the right reader
at the right time. 

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Hum helps you turn insights into action. Save time and resources with campaign management and automation tools in one place. Measure and optimize campaigns using reporting tools powered by AI and complete data. 

Attract, convert, & engage leads

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Deploy live engagement campaigns

Reach readers when they’re active on your site. Target specific audiences with specific forms or messages on specific pages.

Build multi-stage

Create powerful marketing touchpoints based on nuanced filtering. Drive subscriptions, event registrations, membership, and sales, by targeting your audience at the right time and place. 

Optimize campaign messages

Launch multi-armed bandit campaign variants within live engagement campaigns to test messaging and optimize performance.

Drive revenue with data-backed decisions

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Expand advertising inventory

Uncover new opportunities for sponsorship & advertising partners by topic. Brighten signals around emerging trends, oversaturated topics, & content gaps in your library to monetize your audiences. 

Understand omnichannel touchpoints

Track which touchpoints are driving results and resolve attribution with complete data and campaign UTM parameters.

display ads

Create personalized and highly targeted display ad campaigns, and see which ads are converting in real-time. 

Boost marketing efficiency

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Advanced dashboards
& reporting

Prove the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions based on real-time performance. 

Harness AI-powered campaign insights

Spend less time pulling reports and more time acting on important insights. Hum does the heavy lifting on audience insights and content intelligence - no data scientist required!

See Hum in Action

Connect with a data expert to see how Hum can level up your campaigns.
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