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Use first-party data about your content to drive your content strategy.

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Combine content data and audience behavior to understand and improve the value of your content. Maximize content strategy with intelligence that shows how content is performing in real time with key audiences; how content is connected; and the impact that it is making.

Understand content performance

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Get real-time visibility into content metrics

See engagement scores, keyword analysis, and drop-off & read rates for every piece of content in your ecosystem, and use Hum’s Content Explorer to understand how content resonates with key audiences.

Discover top-performing formats, topics & authors:

Hum content reporting makes it easy to see what’s working by segment, collection, author, or topic – and how performance has changed over time. 

See how content is connected

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Upgrade your

The Alchemist Taxonomy & Tagging Engine understands and tags your content accurately and consistently. Connect relevant research, reports, articles, video, & other pieces of content, making it easier to connect readers with relevant information.

Create content

Filter content by type, metadata, performance metrics, and
keywords. Track collections of artifacts and how they’re performing with key audiences
over time.

Expand your
advertising inventory

Brighten signals around emerging topic trends, oversaturated topics, and content gaps in your library that can help you improve content strategy decisions and monetize your audiences.

Boost content impact

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Improve content recommendations

Automatically deliver relevant & engaging content recommendations based on reader interests. Launch on-site recommendations widgets on specific pages to specific audiences.

Optimize marketing

Zoom in on your most effective content and invest your marketing budget in the artifacts and audiences that are driving value for your organization and partners. 

Drive content strategy
with data

Leverage top performing content artifacts to improve underperforming or under-marketed content. Proactively invest in emerging topics and learn what your readers want more of.

See Hum in Action

Connect with a data expert to see how Hum can unlock deeper content intelligence.
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