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Getting the Most Mileage from Your Content

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Written alongside the publishing pros at Silverchair 

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In This Report: 

 ➜  How publishers can launch a data-driven approach to developing, optimizing, and monetizing content.

 ➜  Ideas for extending the life of content artifacts

 using content data and insights across the organization.

 ➜  Live examples and case studies from organizations like NPR, MIT Press, & American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).


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How Publishers Can Optimize & Monetize
Existing Content

The past two years have brought considerable change to the publishing industry. 


The shift toward open access became more urgent thanks to Plan S and as more libraries pushed for transformative deals and to unbundle subscriptions. Economic uncertainty and product disruption led advertisers and sponsors to pull back spend. Conferences and meetings, a sizable revenue stream for many organizations, were cancelled, or went online and drew in considerably less revenue. These changes have led academic publishers, scholarly publishers, and professional publishers to examine and think creatively about their value proposition and how they can monetize their content and data assets. 

Despite the break-neck pace of some editorial operations last year, publishing MORE content is not a sustainable option for increasing revenue. Instead, many publishers are looking at ways to extend the value of the content assets they already have.

Get More Reach For Your Published Content

As audiences or user bases change, many publishers are adapting by aggregating or syndicating content,
adding in product features, or investing in content curation

Personalization and curation offer publishers a powerful way to make use of archived content and make sure it is presented to the people who will appreciate it most, hence unlock huge value and monetization possibilities far beyond simply being a nice add-on to the annual subscription.

Harness Curation to Generate Publishing Revenue

In an increasingly open, digital, and fast-changing publishing environment, publishers’ steady and reliable subscription revenues are challenged by policy shifts, changing consumer behavior and preferences, & purchaser demands. The packaging of content into books, journals, and monographs, pre-determined collections and databases, let alone into articles, is being questioned.


In response, publishers are striking increasingly complex institutional licensing and open access deals; reconsidering individual or consumer commerce models like pay-per-view, micro-payments, and value-added products and services; and exploring third-party licensing and content and data aggregation and syndication. Curation allows publishers to leverage their existing editorial expertise and resources to deliver value to end-users.


Curation has always been at the heart of scholarly publishing, from the peer review process through to
publishing and measuring impact, with many qualitative and quantitative judgements taking place in between.

Things like “class packs” mixing book and journal content, or other specialized collections that can be sold to


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from your existing content

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