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"The number one challenge for digital content publications in 2022 is that publishers are mostly strangers to their audience.” 


The past two years have ushered in tremendous change in the ways people communicate, connect, and consume content online. COVID-19 expedited the transition towards increasingly online experiences, and the shift to open access has set forth new challenges for scholarly publishers to overcome.

There’s never been a more critical time for publishers to build relationships with their readers through personalized, digital-first experiences.

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We're having more digital experiences than ever before.
Consumers are 3x more likely now than before the pandemic to say that at least 80% of their customer interactions are digital.

The sheer volume of media at our fingertips has impacted the expectations modern readers have for how digital experiences should be presented to them. Publishers that can't stand out from the clutter to deliver relevant and timely digital content will get lost in the noise. 

Personalization is not only preferred, it's expected.
71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions.
78% get frustrated when that doesn't happen.

Younger generations, in particular, have high demands for digital content experiences. Incorporating first-party data and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to understand your audience and deliver the experiences they demand is no longer a "nice to have" - it's a "must have." 

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