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Deliver Personalized Experiences

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Treat every reader, member, author, advertiser
and sponsor like a VIP

Hum was built to help content-driven organizations power exceptional, personalized digital experiences. Harness first-party data intelligence to predict and deliver what your audience wants to see next. 

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PCMA used personalization to increase digital event registrations by 230%

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Personalize Your
Marketing Campaigns

Deploy tailored messaging to audiences directly within journals, websites, events, education, ad servers, and other marketing platforms. 

Recommend the
Right Content

Serve relevant content to individual readers and members based on their content engagement history. Show both anonymous & identified users curated picks matching topics they care about most. 

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Trigger Automations
on Engagement

Deliver real-time on-site messaging based on user behavior. Reach your audience in critical moments, like after they’ve shown interest in a new program or abandoned an event registration.

Personalize Ads &
Increase Ad Yield

Deliver hyper-targeted ads to the audiences your advertisers and sponsors want to reach. Use Hum’s content intelligence tools to uncover new ad inventory, and show advertisers & sponsors exactly how audiences engaged with their ad content.  

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The State of Personalization Report


Do you know how expectations for digital experiences affect your target audiences? 

Download a free copy of the State of Personalization Report to learn actionable ways that your organization can introduce personalization.

Ready to See Hum in Action?

Connect with a data expert to see how Hum can level up your growth.
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