Top CDP Use Cases for Media Organizations

Hum's Customer Data Platform (CDP) is changing the way B2B media organizations attract, engage, and retain readers, authors, and subscribers. 

Explore top CDP use cases for media companies: 

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Get a 360° View of
Your Audience

Understand and delight your audience. Hum collects real-time data from the systems in your tech stack to build 360° profiles of every identified & anonymous user, so you see exactly who's engaging with you, understand the content they're consuming & predict what they want to see next.

✓ Collect first-party data from customer data silos into actionable customer profiles
✓ Apply machine learning-powered insights to predict customer behavior 
✓ Continuously update user profiles as your audience engages with you over time & across channels



Improve Email Performance
& Engagement

Send fewer, better emails to engaged segments of your audience. Hum helps you drive higher click, open, and conversion rates by making it easy to deliver personalized email marketing experiences and tailored messaging to audience segments. 

✓ Capture reader behavior history and trigger marketing automation based on real-time engagement
✓ Sync Hum segments directly to your email marketing platform
✓ Minimize email list fatigue by delivering highly-targeted, hyper-personalized email content relevant to to individual readers

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Develop Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Programs

Leverage first-party data to develop account-based segments for advertising partners. Customize programs based on account, demographic, and behavioral activity to get the right message in front of the right segment at the right time, and deliver engagement from key organizations that only you can reach.

✓ Build hyper-targeted audience segments based on complete behavioral and demographic records
✓ Sync segments in real time with your Email Marketing, Ad Server, and Social Networks
✓ Trigger automated nurturing, retargeting, and 1:1 messaging for target accounts


Drive Advertising &
Sponsor Revenue

Arm your sales team with the data they need to close sponsor deals. Hum gives you the ability to target critical segments, deliver more effective ad messaging, increase the visibility of sponsored content, & report the data that advertisers and sponsors want to see. 

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✓ Build hyper-targeted segments for the high-value audiences your advertisers want to reach, & sync them in real-time with your marketing platforms
✓ Tag content using natural language processing, creating new ad inventory across all of your digital properties 
✓ Build rich engagement reports to retain advertisers and sponsors


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Turn Anonymous Audiences into Identified Readers

Know your readers to grow your readers. Hum provides a clear view of all your readers - known and unknown. Transform unknown audience members into identified subscribers with advanced segmentation and marketing activation.

✓ Continuously update first-party data records based on user behavior
✓ Cross-reference IP addresses to reveal audience origins
✓Built-in tools help you upgrade user profiles when “identifying events” occur (form fills, event signups, purchases, etc.) 


Modernize User Experiences

Get results in today’s crowded media landscape. Hum makes it easy to act on insights; with a suite of tools to enable personalization, dispatch curated content recommendations, & deliver cohesive audience experiences across digital channels.

✓ Launch personalization directly on websites, events, education & email 
✓ Recognize & recommend relevant content for readers based on their interests and internal look-alike audiences
✓ Sync segments in real-time with your marketing platforms and deploy tailored messaging


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Optimize Your Content Strategy

Use data to improve your content. Hum shows you engagement scores, keyword analysis, and drop-off & read rates for each piece of content and entire topics. Identify patterns & understand what your audience is most engaged with, so you can deliver more of what your readers want. 

✓ Use established taxonomy or leverage Hum’s Natural Language Processing to tag all of your digital content
✓ Compute engagement scores for users (“how engaged is this user?”) & content (“how engaging is this content?”)
✓ Identify hot areas you should be publishing about and developing more 


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