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Hum leverages real-time data to power an integrated approach to engaging members, growing audiences and attracting sponsors.

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Your Mission,
Made Personal

Hum uses real-time data to power personalization for every member, subscriber and partner.

Meet the First and Only

Association Intelligence Platform

Connect existing systems to create one unified hub of intelligence. Stop relying on annual surveys. Hum generates real-time feedback for nimble pivots. Take action with tools to tailor the experience for everyone.


Easy as Humming Your Favorite Tune

Get the right content in front of the right people at the right times - we make it easy!

Unify Every System

Hum integrates with your existing website, AMS, LMS, MarTech systems, and more. Get one unified view of member, audience and partner activity across the entire organization, updated in real time.

Understand Every User

Get a clear view of how individuals and groups interact with your digital content. Learn which experiences are working, and what to try next. Hum analytics are always easy to interpret - no data scientists required.

Personalize Every Experience

Powerful audience, campaign, and content tools help you act on newfound intelligence. Launch new experiences, develop personalized campaigns, mobilize partners, and more.

"We see the Associations Intelligence Platform category as essential for associations in 2021 and beyond. What we really love about Hum is that they’re so much more than software - it unifies our systems to uncover actionable, data-driven ideas for growing our digital properties. The results have been transformational. Hum has helped us ensure success as we reimagine what digitalNow events and communications look like."  


Amplify Your Mission

Hum is purpose-built to help associations solve their biggest challenges.

Uncover the most popular content topics.

Find new ways to engage partners and sponsors.

Build, engage and grow segments.

Launch programs to grow non-dues revenue.

Launch personalized experiences.

Improve communications funnels.

Create targeted campaigns.

Test and pivot based on real-time insights.



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