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Transform Data into Captivating Experiences

Fuel your next move with valuable content and audience intelligence.




Data + AI  for
Content-rich Organizations

In an age of information overload, your readers are drowning in content and thirsting for relevance. It's never been more imperative to cut through the noise and connect them with the information they care about. 


Hum uses cutting-edge AI to deliver essential intelligence for
content-rich organizations looking to grow, engage, and monetize their audiences:

AI Drives Superior Experiences

Hum provides a panoramic view into audience behaviors, surfacing powerful intelligence and predictive insights that enable you to deliver uniquely personalized experiences.


All Your Data
in One Place

Collect & connect first-party data from all the platforms in your tech stack into a single source of truth.

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Treat Every Reader
Like A VIP

Deliver personalization at scale. Power hyper-personalized ads & content recommendations.

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Unlock Deep
Content Intelligence

Connect topics across your full library and understand what resonates with your audience.

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Predict Future
Audience Behavior

AI insights anticipate what readers want next and where to focus resources to drive impact.

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You Can't Have Good AI
Without Data

Hum gives you both.

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A realtime data engine that captures, structures, and unifies data about people, content, topics, and organizations.


The powerful AI engine within Hum that drives recommendations, predictions, and deep insights from your data.

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Discover Top Use Cases

Hum provides deep audience and content intelligence that solve marketing, sales, and editorial use cases. 

Engage and retain
readers & members

Increase institutional
& OA revenues

Recruit reviewers
& authors

Develop new

Drive sponsor &
ad revenue

Optimize event

Deliver hyper-personalized
ads & content

Market to hyper-targeted audience segments

Uncover special issue

Having Hum as a partner helped us extend our qualified reach and accelerate returns on the marketing we were already doing. The data insights we're getting are invaluable."


Bruce Macmillan



No More Data Silos

Hum connects to the tools you already rely on in your tech stack.

CDP Silverchair integration
Hubspot integration for publishers
Drupal integration for publishers
google ad manager integration for publishers
Salesforce integration for publishers
Marketo integration for publishers
PowerBI integration for publishers
Mailchimp integration for publishers
Wordpress integration for scholarly publishers
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What has Data Done for you Lately?

Check out how these Hum clients are putting their data to work
and getting real ROI.

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Hum informs SSP's strategy and focus so that we can develop the experiences that our members need and expect."


Melanie Dolechek

Executive Director

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Want to See
Hum in Action?

Let us show you what your data can do! 
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