The Audience Intelligence Platform for Digital-First Associations


Powered by real-time data, Hum enables an integrated approach to engaging members, growing audiences and attracting sponsors.

Digital Transformation Starts
with Unified Data

The Hum platform overlays with your AMS, LMS, CMS and other systems. It dynamically tracks interactions across touchpoints to create unified profiles for every individual in your ecosystem. Take charge of your users’ journeys and uncover powerful growth opportunities.


Diversify for Resilience

Hum makes it easy to create wholly new revenue streams by engaging sponsors and creating data-powered offerings. And we’re with you every step of the way to help you discover and implement new revenue generating programs.

Improve Member Engagement

Hum makes member insights easy to understand and act on. Leverage real-time member behavior to create better experiences. Engagement metrics will soar, and the more they engage, the smarter our recommendations become.

Reach Global 


Smarter content optimized by channel and personalized for user groups will drive more potential users to your digital properties. Hum will show you how to nurture new audiences while growing your customer base.

Keep the Systems you Love

Hum supercharges your current systems instead of replacing them. No big migrations required – we’ll set up a few simple integrations to gather powerful intelligence and inform dramatic results.


Our Mission

At Hum, we believe that associations have an important role in helping people navigate their professional lives, and we believe that WE have an important role in helping associations navigate digital transformation. We know that “digital transformation” is often code for “painful upheaval followed by laborious re-learning of new tools”– but that’s not the game we play. We work hard to assume the complexity on our side to make things feel easy on yours. You’ll feel us humming along in the background.

The result: an engaged and growing member base. A diversified, digital-first organization. A happy, empowered team.

Start Humming

Ready to kickstart digital transformation at your association?

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